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EMRYS SILK EXFOLIATOR™ - The Glo Duo Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

RAYA CLOSURE: Warehouse will resume operations on 15th April 2024


Battered between the two options? We’ve got you covered!

The Glo Duo comes with both Original & Vegan Silk Exfoliators ♡

Used for self-cleansing and soul-purifying rituals for centuries. Hand-crafted all the way in Turkey, accompanied with dashing pearls for an exquisite touch.

Deeply exfoliates the skin with its chemical-free properties.

Equally effective. Equally amazing.

Free eco-friendly pouch is subject to availability ♡ 


♡ Promotes natural skin shedding process

♡ Reveals cleaner, fresher & clearer skin

♡ Aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & scars

♡ Fights clogged pores & ingrown hair

♡ Aims to restore evenness of the skin tone & texture

♡ Increases micro-circulation & moisture absorption


Original Silk Exfoliator: Silkworm cocoons

Vegan Silk Exfoliator: Lotus flower

100% raw silk - safe & chemical-free

Non-toxic, non-irritative - Made for sensitive skin

These products are biodegradable.


Our product is gentle and suitable for all skin types, EXCEPT for those with eczema. If you have eczema, we recommend avoiding this product as this product is physical exfoliation in nature. Any form physical exfoliation regardless of the product may exacerbate your condition. Kindly consult with your dermatologist before using this product or before performing any form of physical exfoliation.

Glow Guide

♡ Take a warm shower/bath for 10-15 minutes

♡ Wet the glove and start exfoliating. No shower gel/soap needed.

♡ Do not exfoliate under running water

**Results may vary as all of us have diffferent skin types and are unique in our own ways. If no dead skin cells are visible, fret not! The glove still works wonderfully in exfoliating your skin 

Care Instructions

Kindly refer here to prolong its lifespan.


Planning to surprise your loved one(s)? You can count on us! It's free of charge! ;)

Package is inclusive of:

♡ Wish card - Kindly leave your message in the "Remark" area during checkout

♡ Gift wrap


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