**Blog Post Coming Soon** 

We have received reports of third parties offering 'Silk Exfoliators' at substantially reduced prices, claiming a 100% silk composition. This situation has understandably generated both enthusiasm and uncertainty among buyers, who may believe they have discovered an exceptional bargain. 

In response to this matter, we will be publishing a comprehensive post in the near future, addressing the diverse silk grades available within the market. It is imperative to recognize that authentic silk consistenly maintains its signature silky smooth texture and is devoid of any fuzzballs. Genuine silk exfoliators are never retailed at a mere fraction of our standard market price.

As a company deeply rooted in the realm of silk, we possess an in-depth understanding of the intricate silk production process. We maintain exclusive partnerships with authorized manufacturers and take immense pride in our industry knowledge. We can unequivocally assert that genuine silk is never available at a significantly reduced cost. Therefore, any purchase substantially below our market price is unlikely to be an authentic Turkish silk product.

We eagerly anticipate sharing further insights in our forthcoming post. Your patience is greatly appreciated 🤍