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poof. Makeup Remover™

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Earth friendly | EMRYS
Earth friendly
Loved by babes | EMRYS
Loved by babes
100% authentic | EMRYS
100% authentic
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Say goodbye to expensive wipes and messy cotton balls! 

poof. Is a revolutionary makeup remover cloth that safely removes your make up from water alone, including waterproof eyeliner, foundation and lipstick without any added chemicals. It's easy to use and lasts a lifetime. Buying one poof. saves over 3200 cotton swabs or 4500 disposable makeup wipes from going into landfills or oceans.

Reducing waste and slaying your entire beauty regime at the same time? We love a sustainable queen.



♡ Ultra soft, hypoallergenic & dermatologist approved

♡ Suitable for skin with sensitivity towards ingredients contained in most makeup remover products

♡ Does not tug your skin

♡ Durable & easy to clean - Pop it in the washer and you're good to go!


🌊 Does not release microplastics into the ocean 

♻️ Reusable - Save our planet by eliminating the need for disposable wipes that don't break down in the landfill

🧾 4500 makeup wipes = 1 poof. Makeup Remover


Microfibre blend, apprx. 20cm*20cm

Our microfiber technology gently massages your face to give you the most thorough clean you’ve ever had.

Non-toxic, non-irritative - Made for sensitive skin

Each tube consists 2 units of cloth


 Machine wash prior to first usage to prevent serious staining

♡ Soak poof. in warm water

♡ Use the short fibre side to erase makeup or facial mask in gentle circular motion

♡ When poof. starts to dry, dampen again with water to keep using it

♡ Flip to long fiber side to exfoliate


Machine-wash safe & dryer sheet/softener safe.


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